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Happy Father’s day

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

To all you men out there that love your technology. You know you probably didn’t get the gift you wanted because you’re the only one that knows the tech you want. Go buy yourself something nice online. Nobody will have to know. Well, unless your big screen plasma is a little too big to not notice.

Shouts into digital darkness

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

“Click on my pop-up. Read my blog to success. We have the cheapest prices.” The Internet is a scary place for the unknowing wanderer or the easily convinced mind. Those prone to cult-ish behavior or obsessive compulsive routines will get grabbed by the hand and led into the abyss. It’s kind of like the myth of falling into a whirlpool in the ocean. They say if you hold your breath it will spit you back out. The difference with the digital whirlpool is that it will spit you out when your credit cards are dry.

I’m sorry if I scared you because that’s not the point of my blog. In a moment of self-analysis I tried to see the point of what I do and if it is helping the average person that wants to use technology as a tool in their life. It shouldn’t be complicated or puffed up to be more than that. A door lock serves it’s purpose and does it well. So does a computer and the Internet given a little bit of know how and healthy skepticism. I wouldn’t want you to open Pandora’s box. Oh, you don’t see it? Yes, that’s exactly what it is.

Take for instance a friend of mine. He’s a good person, isn’t out to hurt anyone but he listened to Joe Blow internet guy and said to himself, “He’s doing big things.  I’ll do what he said.”  He buys computer product only to realize that later on he neither enjoys the benefits of this product nor needs it.  He’s been pulled into the abyss and will continue to till his pockets are dry.

“Why listen to Phillip Banks then?” You may ask.  Great question!  For one, you should check into things more yourself (if you have the time) and not totally rely on me.  I’m not given a huge budget to work with every piece of software but I try to work with people whenever they try anything because I want to know.  Second, feel free to email me and call me on my crap.  You may be right and I haven’t seen the grand scheme of product XYZ.  The one thing you will get is an honest opinion from a person that doesn’t buy things just because it’s there.  My unique perspective is seeing the similarities in things.  Something announced for $10,000 may just be a $100 product with bells and whistles you can add for yourself for $50.  A lot of the big podcasts, and videopodcasts seem to not take some of these things into account.
My moment, of self-analysis let me to look at my blog stats.  I must say I was shocked that I’m not just shouting into the digital darkness and would enjoy hearing from any of you about ideas you want me to look into.

Everyone working together

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Maybe it was watching Star Trek when I was a kid and realized that the whole world came together when we realized that their were other people out there in space. Maybe it was the first time I looked at an ant hill and saw them all bringing food back so that they could split it up and save it till later. Maybe it was being 4 years old and my sister hoisting me up to go into the cookie jar on the shelf so we could get some cookies.

I don’t know what it is but I love people working together. Maybe that’s why I love seeing more wireless access points around town that are wide open. Open source software like Firefox, Linux, Apache webserver, and WordPress (that I’m using right now to write this blog). Everybody helps write this software and makes it free to others. BRILLIANT!!!
Share some wireless today for your fellow man today. I might to download some directions in your neighborhood until I get my navigation system one of these days.

Soldiers can’t get on Myspace?

Friday, May 18th, 2007

In an article on Time Magazine’s website (link to article), the government is cutting access to some websites for soldiers overseas. Those websites include: MySpace, Youtube, and 11 other popular websites.

Myspace logo youtube
This really proves my last post that we are really addicted when your life is in danger and your sitting inside the hollow shell of building wondering if you have any new friends on MySpace. However, please people. Can’t we let them have a little fun when the bullets aren’t flying?

Life is but a game

Monday, May 14th, 2007

My wife has been getting on me about getting back to my blogging so I’m going to keep this site full of content for you starting today.

I tend to watch a lot of sports and work on computers a lot. Therefore I seem to find the correlation between both and life situations. I find myself telling my kids about something and explaining using a sports analogy. This leads to my thought of the day.

I’m really big on helping anyone improve themselves if I have the ability to. In playing basketball recently I came across a guy that is a good player but lacks some key things to make his game really good. Now, I’m not one to impose my thoughts if you don’t want them however this person asked. I told him the solutions and like clockwork he resumes doing the same things as he did before to my disappointment and the frustration of his team.

If this time was the first this wouldn’t be so bad. However, it’s a persistent problem even though I am a very patient and persistent person I’ve given up on trying.

In life you will encounter these kinds of people. On this site I want to change the people that are like this as well as grow from your help. I’m trying to be the “Ultimate computer guy.” The afore mentioned person will be the same way in 20 years and I don’t want this to be you.

I’m going to introduce some things that may make your life simpler as well as things that you may not think will work for you. Keep an open mind. I’m here to break some habits that you might have been living with for no good reason.

Think of it this way, Tiger Woods is probably the greatest golfer in the world EVER. Why does he have a coach for his swing?