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Confession of a virtualization junkie

Thursday, August 9th, 2007

I can’t say it enough but I’m just a junkie. I’ve been using Vmware server for a while and it’s great for someone like me. I continually try new stuff. I don’t have to risk blowing up my machine to do it either. I’ll install every operating system I can download. I’ve been through every trial edition. Tested out everything there is (well except games because Vmware’s virtual video driver can’t handle that). I can even show a company how the new software’s going to act by virtualizing their current hardware and trying out whatever I want on it. If it fails? So what do it again. No harm done.

If you aren’t riding this hot wave the you should. Go to every Linux distro you want and try all of them out. Use it on another machine as a backup solution. Your main machine goes down you can run on a virtual one from another computer in seconds. One day Apple will realize that they should make their software compatible with this but until then you too should become a virtualization junkie.

Sonos is slick but VLC is free

Friday, June 29th, 2007

VLC picture

I must say, I do a LOT of web browsing and a decent amount of blog reading and I came across a great idea for my house as it may be for yours as well. The original blog post was on a site call the Infected project (link to article). The article was on an easy way to set up the Video LAN Client (VLC) media player to be controlled remotely by a web interface.

Let’s start by saying, VLC is my media player of choice on every OS. I use it on Windows, Linux, and Mac and I LOVE IT. I turned my kids onto it about two years ago and they stopped using all other MP3 and video programs. It does it all and it’s a great open source program. As fickle as teens are if my oldest son says it even looks better you should believe him.

After I read the blog post I got a million ideas. First, most people have more than one computer in their house. Second, these computers are usually connected to the internet thus they are connected to each other. This made me think of a lot of great ideas for whole house audio. My older boys play music in their room all night. Thing is, when they go to sleep I end up roaming the house at 2 AM turning off their music. Now I don’t have to. I can control their VLC player from my handheld PC in my room. My 5 and 9 year old go to sleep listening to soft music from their computer. Knowing their IP address allows me to turn on/off their music or change it. Even better, I can lower the volume while I’m sitting in my room on my laptop doing some late night surfing. (more…)

Bad haircut Tuesdays or Microsoft patch Tuesday

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

I know I must bore my wife enough with computer talk just like I do about sports talk.  This time she intrigued me with a great correlation.  I was explaining to her what “Patch Tuesday” is.  Once a month on a Tuesday Microsoft issues new fixes to Windows and Vista.  She said that should be called “Bad haircut Tuesday.”  Its funny because Microsoft has become such a big corporation fixed on quick releases that it just puts out a product and figures it’ll fix a lot after that.  This happens though.  Microsoft gets a lot of flack but patches are a part of every operating system because they can’t think of everything.
What I find funny is Microsoft’s arrogance when I heard an interview on one of’s podcast security now. Marc Maiffret of  eEye Digital Security finds many holes and submits them to  Microsoft to be fixed before they even know.  Thing is, they don’t listen to him and their legion of programmers don’t try to fix these problems till weeks or even months later.

How do we fix this? Marc Maiffret fixes his own problems.  He makes a Anti-virus Firewall that is great.  I’ll review it on Friday.

Apple’s Safari on your Windows PC?

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

I know. All you Mac lovers stuck on a PC are telling me SHUT UP! Yes it is true. Apple’s web browser Safari is now available on the PC. Apple wants to join the ranks of Firefox and Internet Explorer in running on every platform. Check it out at: .

Safari screenshot

True cross platform would involve Linux though, people at Apple. Let’s get on the ball since Apple is running a Unix OS under the hood so it seems like it would be so much easier but I digress.

Check it out and tell me if it’s faster than the other web browsers like it says. Honestly, I still think that the Opera browser is the fastest but I haven’t given this one a good try yet. Come on though. Firefox and it’s plugins are digital manna from heaven so I’m not switching.