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I’m glad I’m the boring IT guy

Monday, July 9th, 2007

I spent a little quality time with my kids today and I caught an episode of Futurama. The robot character (Bender) floats off into deep space and encounters a cluster of stars that talk and light up while talking. He believes them to be God or a digital version thereof. The key moment that made me think in this episode is a saying I’d known a variant of for a long time.

“When you do things right it can almost seem like you’re not doing anything at all.”

As far as life goes many people would never say I’m boring but I do want to be the “boring” IT guy because nothing big should ever seem like it’s happening. I pride myself on that very premise.  Everything just looks easy and just works.  It has caused way too many problems for me in the past as people don’t know that you’re doing so much work to make everything just work.

Many may not understand what you do.  Many may not think you’re doing anything but rest easy and enjoy your family and friends on the weekend because you’re doing things right.  That’s why I love all the inspiration from the people out there that are reading and supporting my blog.  We’re learning new things and becoming better people and IT people at the same time.

Haiku please stop

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

When I say Haiku I’m not referring to the poems nor is it a misspelling of the social networking site Jaiku.  I’m talking about the open source operating system being built.  It’s still in Alpha release and you can’t download an installable copy yet but you can get a vmware virtual machine of it.  My only conclusion… please… Let Be OS die peacefully.

Here’s the history.  Once upon a time someone made an operating system call Be OS.  I remember checking this out in the mid 90’s and it looked great!  It was made to take full advantage of your PC and originally ran on it’s own hardware (BeBox).  Sad as it may be it was just one of those things that never took off.  Palm Software eventually bought the company and that was it for Be OS.  Out of it’s ashes came Haiku.  People are still working on making it like Be OS but it’s just too late.  All the cool stuff is in Linux, and BSD (which in turn benefits Mac OSX) now.

Why stop?   One reason above all others… Help the team to win.  The resources that people are putting toward this could be used enhance Linux and BSD.  If they enhance BSD then Mac OSX will get these benefits added to it’s Darwin core.  I’m a big believer in breaking off and treading new ground but from what I can see.  You’re not.  I favor you helping Linux but let’s just all be friends and make cool software that enhances everyone’s life.

Drobo or loco?

Friday, June 15th, 2007

For all you really techy types there’s a new RAID storage device called Drobo.


It’s a storage device that takes any combination of 3 SATA hard disks and combines them into on USB storage unit in RAID 5 fashion. Could I have done this with an old computer, SATA card and Linux/BSD OS of my choice? Yes… but it looks so cool.

At $700 and no plans of wifi or gigabit ethernet call me really un-cool.

Linux for the kids

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

logonew.gifvs. word.jpg

There’s the old favorite saying, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Teach him to fish and he’ll eat for the rest of his life.” Let’s focus on a little teaching to fish for a minute.

I’m big on using Ubuntu but I especially get a kick out of speaking at a convention or being at a tradeshow and saying, “Please, my 5 and 9 year old have Linux on the computer in their room.” The reason I love saying this is because it gives them something a little better than what they get using anything else. It teaches them good computer skills that will serve them well using Windows, Mac, or whatever else comes down the road.

Let’s face it. Techy guys are a very opinionated bunch. Open source communities are groups of people that waste no time telling you their opinion on why something sucks. Thus they tend to write software with not sucking in mind. I’m not trying to tell you that Open source software never sucks. That’s a story for another day. The one thing I do find in it is a grasp of the basics.

Getting my 9 year old to write his homework using OpenOffice instead of Microsoft Word proved to be a less daunting task that I thought it would be. The reason being is that children haven’t gotten bogged down by the many years of “I have to do it this way” that many adults have. Their more apt to try and figure out how to get the result if you just tell them to figure it out.


I tend to start my 5 year old off with a little game called Frozen Bubble. It’s addicting and fun but it gets them to enjoy the environment their in as opposed to the strictly Windows world I have for the older boys (due to the graphical games that will only run on Windows for now).

Consider it future-proofing your children. The skills that they learn using a Linux computer will translate over the Mac and Windows. I’ve even found that a lot of the key strokes are the same as well. Let your children learn how to use a word processer not how to use Word.