Why young people need computer skills

It has been said that true success should start with the question, “Why?” With that in mind young people are right to ask the question when considering how computer skills apply to their lives.

Success is a hard word to quantify but in the end it just has to do with you reaching what you want in an efficient way. When I was growing up my great grandmother had lived through the depression and all kinds of other economic disasters and had come up with a way to at least soften the blow to her future generations. Her idea was that we all had to know 2 things: How to type and how to play an instrument. Her thinking was sound in that no matter what happens those are two skills that would at least be able to make you a couple dollars if you applied them well.

Times have changed but contrary to popular belief in a very good way. Now a mind that wanted to apply itself is now apart of the conversation in anything through one method. Technology. The internet allows you to learn almost anything and then gives you a pathway to apply it. Even from phones that people carry around every day this concept holds true as the computing power in them is more than what took spaceships to the moon.

How does this apply to you? You’re young. You’re not into all that “geek” stuff. It applies to you more than ever. DJ’s are now encouraging programming classes as they help with the creativity needed to produce some of the worlds best music. Athletes that didn’t turn pro become kinesiologists or coaches that rely on laptops and tablets on the sidelines and training room to analyze how to make players better than the rest.

Say all that is fine and good but you don’t want that. You just want to get a job and that’ll be fine. Like my great grandmother thought, you need to type at many jobs just to be considered and that typing is on a word processor on a computer.

I’m not saying it’s mandatory in life to learn this but having a lot of choices is the best path to any form of success. Wouldn’t it be best to have the most amount of choices in your life tool set?

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