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Politics you’ve actually inspired me today

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

When I tell people I’m very non-Political I really mean it. Presidential debates and the such usually make me avoid TV all together. So, whatever your politics I’m usually mildly patronizing about my interest. I’ve never been a fan for two main reasons. Usually a politician is offering what he does not have to offer. Go back to elementary school and one of the platforms for class president might be that they’ll add 10 minutes on to lunch break. There’s no possible way they can offer that but some people in the class will vote thinking, “I like more lunch too.” The same is true for modern politics. The checks and balances system doesn’t allow for one person to offer half of the stuff that the put on the table.

Former Deputy AG Sally Yates (left) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX, right) during 5/8/17 Senate hearing

The other reason I don’t like politics is because I believe in individual thinking. The majority of times people in politics subscribe to whatever train of thought their party has and are unable to say they don’t believe in something. This crossing party lines is a huge no no.

With all that said let me tell you why I’m completely inspired today by politics. Former Deputy Attorney Sally Yates! I won’t bore you with the details but in short she was fired by Donald Trump for basically telling him that the person that is in charge of giving him his security information had been compromised by the Russians. Fast forward she’s being interrogated at a senate hearing. Senator Ted Cruz (Repulican) is obviously partial to the president’s ban of people coming into the country. Now, I’d be one to bet that this exact same man would be completely against this if the president was a Democrat. The reason the internet went crazy yesterday in this woman’s favor is from what happened next. Being peered down on and spoken to with such demeaning condescension the Senator asks her was she aware of a law and with a brief quip eludes to her incompetence when she is unaware of it. This is where I want to freeze you at this exact moment and take you somewhere else.

Appropriately enough the president of the United States, Donald Trump, started a show on TV called the Apprentice. I considered it a really good business show until it started to focus on celebrities doing the challenges instead of hard working people really trying to show their skills and get ahead. The good part of this is that the show branched out to Britain where a different billionaire, Sir Alan Sugar, hosted the show and stayed with the format of people winning a job in a key position in his company. When all the candidates of this show were funnelled down to just 4 remaining they entered into a brutal challenge. The interview. The interview was each of the four remaining candidates being interviewed by 4 different interviewers. To watch the show you’d see how these 4 people were like horsemen of the apocalypse.  They would dig up anything and everything on you and tear you to shreds with only words. The entirety of your life was now in question. Your morals, beliefs, work ethic, upbringing… EVERYTHING. One after one you’d see some of the cockiest, elitist and prideful candidates broken down to quivering shells of their former selves when they went back into the waiting room. I often looked at this show and it made me look at my resume and life history and think how I would fair. This is the lions den I saw the former Attorney General Yates in.

Now let’s go back. Following the break down of the law posed by Sen. Cruz she thought for only a millisecond then looked down and ruffled through some papers she had in a manilla folder in front of her. This woman being looked down upon, judged and what some say “bullied” responded with a law that was more specific and written after the afore mentioned one. She took all the fire he could throw at her and responded in kind with such firm grace that his attack was completely nullified.

This stirred in me a moment of deep contemplation and retrospection that you might find inspiring as well. We’ve all have done or are doing things in life that can be questioned. The irresponsible person looks to point the finger elsewhere and blame circumstances or other things. It’s a hard pill to swallow but sometimes you have to be like this woman. Look back on your choices and say, “Right or wrong I did that.” I learned from the British Apprentice and from this hearing. Once you’re not hiding from yourself and resolute in your choices no interview or interrogation can ruffle your feathers.