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Constantine: The quest for the perfect tech guy.

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

As I’m writing this I’m rewatching the 2005 movie Constantine with Keanu Reeves. The TV show of this DC comic that originated in 1985 holds a very interesting character. John Constantine. I don’t want to go into depth in comic geekville but this character touches the very soul of what the hacker mindset encourages.

As a Christian myself I must ask others of many faiths to put aside their condemnation and assumptions aside for just a minute to understand the character not for if it’s a good or bad thing but what the characters aspirations are. He deals with the occult and battling demons through spells, black magic, trickery and ancient knowledge of the occult. The background of how he became that way is irrelevant to this conversation but what is relevant is that he really knows his stuff. Really knows it to the point he gets out of many dangerous situations with only his wits.

The hacker mindset is the tech dream for similar reasons. The hacker does have some toys and can do some deep stuff because of them but what makes them good is pure know how. They seem to know a lot about a whole lot of things in such a way that they can use very little yet bend their environment to their will. This to me is still the dream.

I don’t code to survive. I code to create.

The use of tools to make bigger and better tools that fit the situation you desire is what we desire. Learning and listening because some day some how these mountains of what may seem to be useless will prove to be what saves us.

This isn’t just a tech thing. Many professions desire this Constantine like knowledge of just the right thing you needed to know or figure out to get you out of a certain situation. The problem? The goal is endless. Regretfully life is not like TV. This goal can never be reached no matter how much you learn. However, I must say, like every life long learner like myself and probably like you my dear reader, it’s a hard but wonderful ride.