Top 10 Phillip facts

I am a big sucker for lists so here’s a Phillip Banks top ten interesting facts list.

  1. Unknown to most my favorite sport is football even though I’m known for playing basketball all the time and in leagues all over the city.
  2. I have a weird immunity to alcohol which is one of the main reasons I don’t drink. My metabolism is so high that is consumes the alcohol before too much reaches my brain. I’ve done many tests on this by chucking whole bottles of wine and drinking 8 shots of different vodkas in succession to see if I was affected at all. Even did equations afterward to test cognitive balance. No effect. The down side to this is that medicines don’t work for me either in most cases.
  3. I’m pretty sure I’m ADHD from every online test I’ve taken or read. I have an incredibly hard time focusing. This would seem unpredictable because I love to read a lot. It is actually something that is horribly hard for me but my desire to learn supersedes my desire to give up because I keep getting distracted.
  4. I love the color blue. Just realized I just keep having more and more of it around me.
  5. About 10 years ago I read a man saying imagine if you read 50 books a year how much you’ll have gained when you’re old. Ever since then I’ve set a goal (that I usually don’t reach but at least get close every year) of reading 50 books. Thus I usually would rather drive in my car alone because I’d rather be listening to an audiobook than music while driving.
  6. I’ve been told this by a doctor but I’ve never taken the time to look it up but I am supposed to be written up in some medical journal somewhere. At 38 I broke my leg in 3 places from an accident on a basketball court. In a month and a half I was back on the basketball court. He told me my accelerated healing was of huge interest to his colleges.
  7. I absolutely SUCK at doing paperwork. You’d swear it was written in a foreign language sometimes. At companies I used to work at in the past I always had people in accounting trade me doing or making things that would make their life more efficient for doing all my paperwork. If they didn’t they might be waiting on me for a while to get the paperwork to them.
  8. My front right tooth is chipped. The reason being when I was 12 I decided I was going to learn to do tricks on my oldest brother’s skateboard. I was quite the daredevil because I wanted to try every stunt possible like one of my childhood idols Evil Kenivel. Well, needless to say between tricks I neglected to pay attention to a huge crack in my driveway that catapulted me into the sky and land on the concrete chipping my tooth.
  9. I absolutely despise coconut. I love chocolate but German chocolate has that one thing I really don’t like. Coconut. It all started from my sister and I helping each other up to some cans that had cookies in them on a high shelf when we were kids. If you made a mistake and reached into the wrong can you’d end up with coconut on your hands and I couldn’t stand that smell.
  10. I started programming when I was 10. As in a previous blog post I mention how it’s obsession slowly took over and took the place of my first love playing guitar.

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