My first love. My guitar.

I’d decided to do this writing challenge to see how ¬†I could get myself in the groove of writing and it gave me some subjects to talk about. The problem is that one of the subjects was my first love/kiss. I realized that a lot of these things didn’t relate to tech like I thought I could probably make them but that turns out not to be true. You see my first love was my guitar. I left my guitar for a computer.

When I was in 3rd grade I witnessed one of the most beautiful sights that changed my life forever. A girl at my elementary school was sitting on a step and playing a guitar. I was in complete and utter awe at the sight of this. Music just flowed from her hands and it filled my ears and went to my heart. I was captivated. My first thought was one that leads me through life to this day. How can I create this feeling for myself like she gave me. Thus led me on a journey that I am on to this day. Scratching my own itch.

A little background. My mom’s family was heavy into music. My great grandmother had an idea that really held a lot of weight. She felt like no matter what happened in the world all of her family had to know how to do two things because they’d never stop being ways to make money: Typing and playing an instrument. Thus my grandmother, mother and aunt played the best digital piano
and thus led my brother sister and I to have to take piano lessons as well. Then one fine day I walk in and say I want to take guitar lessons instead of piano. It was still an instrument after all.

After reading how many hours the great players put into learning their instrument I had to get myself closer and closer to them. The greatest players at the time were Spanish sex symbol Charro followed by rockstar Eddie Van Halen. Turned out that they practiced almost 8 hours a day. I felt I wanted to be amoungst the best so I would set out on a course of getting closer and closer to that amount of time. I loved that guitar like no other thing on earth. I bought sheet music from music stores so I could play all the famous rock songs. My teacher was a backup guitarist for the legendary rock group Journey so I felt I was in even better hands. I practiced classical guitar, spanish guitar, rock and gospel till my hands were tired but they never seemed to tire. 3 years of scholarships and playing at various concerts and churches proved I was on the right path.

Many years later Toni Braxton would sing a song called Spanish Guitar in which she would wish that this man would hold her like he held his Spanish guitar. My Spanish guitar could have equal envy for a woman because my reverence for it and caressing of the strings brought me the signs of success that I coveted. Calluses. The sign of every true guitarist.

Our love song wouldn’t last forever though and I have to take the blame when I was 14. Great guitarists could play by ear from just hearing music they could create their own. This took the boring task of learning my scales. Daily going through these scales took long hand training. At the same time I had a mistress in the wings that started to consume more and more of my time. It was computers. I’d been programming since I was 10 but the challenge became more and more pleasing. My awe for Charo was slowly replaced with Bill Gates.

When I entered high school my first love picked up permanent residence under the piano at my house only to be thought of in passing from time to time but it will always be my first love.

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