First memories

My life has seemingly been around tech since I can remember. My technolust (term coined by the video podcast Hak5) was first started by my curiousity with all things. I mentioned in a previous post about being a tinkerer and that was evident from the start. So, travel down the well with me into the mind of a tinkerer.

I have two memories and I can’t remember which one came first but I was around 2 years old in both so they were somewhat close together. Ok so lets get the slightly embarrassing stuff out of the way with a little background. My mother had our house split into two rooms for the kids. My sister and I in one and my older brother Erick in the other. This arrangement worked for them because the two youngest were very close to their room and my brother who was 5 years older was down the hall. For some reason my mother decided to keep me in a baby bed and get every dollar of usage out of it. I guess you could say I was a bit rambunctious as a kid because I remember figuring out that I could make the whole bed fall down if I jumped on it really hard over and over again. I’m in the autonomous stage and I wanted to get out and run around but was confined to this prison that was up too high for me to climb out easily.

This situation was a lab for me. I had a couple of goals that were all equally important. 1) Escape, 2) annoy my sister because I knew this would always do it, 3) make my mom have to run in the room at which point I’d have escaped further from the bed each time and 4) amaze myself at how much the bed would take before it would collapse. The other goals were great but each time I remember holding out faith that I could break this bed more effeciently each time. I was too young to know about statistics and reports but If my little me would have known about that stuff I would have kept record.

This thinking hasn’t changed. 43 years later I still repeat things that I do over and over to become better and more efficient at them. High five 2 year old Phillip. You were working the scientific process and reaping great results as this is one of my sister’s first memories as well and my mom still holds this against me in conversations. Mission accomplished.

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