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Our Jesus Christ is now digital

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

I’m a man that can learn something from anyone so I’m open to being wrong but I’m also a man of action thus the necessity of this post. I don’t often talk about religion or politics in public forums because it’s one of those things where people will end up engaging you on your beliefs. When that happens I will have to engage back and those that like to engage people publicly usually enter into long dialogues where they can’t me made to feel vulnerable so they will stick to their guns no matter what. Also let it be said that other faiths could just as easily apply this as something like Allah is on the internet.

Our Jesus

Jesus on the internet

I went to my church yesterday for a bible study and we talked about the role of the church in this day and age. I find myself having more questions after the fact than I do when I’m there becauseĀ  so many things tie my brain into a knot. Who is the church trying to reach? The church is trying to reach you. How are they trying is the point. My church is filled with some of the greatest well meaning people I know but is walking from door to door or yelling on a megaphone on a corner effective? Maybe 50 years ago but even businesses like vacuum salesmen and Mary Kay have learned a long time ago that those things are more about action than effectiveness. People buy products, causes and ideas from people they trust. They don’t often buy from the person on the street that they don’t know. Don’t get me wrong. I do believe it happens just not often.

With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social networks people are now communicating by the millions. Why not you? Our Jesus is here on the internet because me and you can make it so.

Quick history refresher. Jesus lived in a time where paper was at a serious premium so things were written on scrolls. The vast majority of the population was illiterate so scribes were well learned people. Even if they could read the printing press wasn’t invented by Gutenburg for another 1400 years after Jesus. So was it a good idea to duplicate pieces of paper to pass out 50 to 100 years ago to tell people about Jesus? YES! How about now? Hmmm. I’d like to suggest to you that not so much.

Who trusts you? I’d like to think the people I interact with in person as well as on the internet know I am but a flawed man that has done (and will do) dumb stuff along with the vast majority good stuff. However, these people may find me funny, smart, honorable and well intentioned for one reason or another but at the same time a Christian. Why does this matter? Because like Jesus roaming around as a lowly carpenter they can relate to Him being just like them.

If you’re going to go all preachy and fill your page everyday with glory hallelujah’s you might catch someone here or there. Instead I might offer as an alternative that you let your light shine from what you’ve learned where people find you genuine and come to you. People know my life may get rocky as may yours but the ones you want to reach are the ones who are looking for answers in life. Those people go to the ones they trust. That’s when I get the text, email, Facebook message, tweet etc. because this world is now a digital one and my digital door is always open. Ask me where you can learn or do more.