Talent is open source is not overrated

I had to post a little something about a momentous occasion in my computer life.

Recently I’ve learned how to program in Python. Last year I took up learning Java with my son (Hunter Banks who guest posted on here recently) because it would help him in his career as a video game designer and Android app developer. Python helped me because I have had a serious problem with programming over the years because I haven’t really done it much in many years. Ok, yes, I do some scripting and maybe looking at a little code from time to time but not really originating any code for myself. Well that is starting to change in a major way. I (with all of your help) want to drown myself in coding right now. I have so many ideas and finally want to make them real. I’ve missed this feeling because when I was a kid I learned to code in BASIC when I was 10 years old and Pascal when I was 12 and I could sit and code for like 6 hours a day. I wanted to make a video game and got really far with it. Now that feeling’s back!

With the necessity of needing a program for a business idea I’m working on I’ve decided to hack away at it and complete something I haven’t done in many years. Well why not do it in Python. With that came all the walls I’ve hit in figuring out where to find all these libraries/modules etc, learning about the site github.com and how to use it and remembering the proper syntax to use for this language. Also thinking in objects was a drastic change from all the languages I was used to.

I’ve been using and around open source software since 1994 and never really thought about looking at code till last week. I realized that a problem that I wanted to work on was already being done in a software package. I apologize because I know that I’m being a little cryptic as I can’t divulge too much about it right now but stay tuned. So, I downloaded the source code opened it up and I UNDERSTOOD IT! This was a big thing to me. I was now really apart of the open source whole because I was not just a promoter and integrator of the software, I could be a developer of additions and feature changes if I wanted.

All this brought me to what my title is. I’ve been looking at more programs and realize how well written they are and how elegant the solutions they provide that are comparable or better than the closed source programs. I LOVE THIS! So kudos to you my brethren (and sistren haha) the talent in the open source pool is not overrated. These people are truly using their powers for good.

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