Komposer: Web design like beautiful music (Day 5 of 20 days of SCALE)

Continuing our series on preparation for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE) I’m going to go over another one of my favorite programs: Kompozer.

kompozer_icon.pngIn my last blog post I wrote about my total migration over to Linux a couple years back. I told you about some of the harder pieces of commercial software on Windows that I had to replace. One of those packages was a web design product known as Dreamweaver. I have to admit how much I loved doing web design for this product. I used to be able to throw up a web page in no time flat or edit one that someone had already created (which in all honesty was usually the case) with ease. Changing over to an all Linux system I was stuck on a couple of choices that were just adequate. One of these software packages was Nvu.

Nvu seemed to be the closest to a graphical HTML editing package that took me as far away from the code as I wanted to be most times without sacrificing my ability to look through the code. Well, Nvu is a name that was copywritten by Linspire. When they stopped making the product it became a little task for open source enthusiasts to get the name so they just took the code over the the name Kompozer (which actually I like a whole lot better so no loss there).

Komposer has evolved into a very easy to use program with minimal web design kompozerth.pngexperience to get good at editing sites. Full of all the tools I loved in Dreamweaver it was exactly what I was looking for but I can’t stress enough that I’m not a professional web designer. I know how to edit HTML code and many other web code and it fits me just fine.

The fact that it keeps you away from the code is a big perk but sometimes I need to look at the code behind something so I can make a couple small changes to a client’s site. This is made easy enough with some tabs at the bottom that let you switch between just looking at design to a split between design and code to just looking at pure code.

The power behind Komposer is Gecko which is the power behind a lot of Mozilla’s products like Firefox which you just might have heard of. There is one part of it that I have never really got to successfully use and that’s the FTP manager. That might not totally be their fault as I’ve only tried it on a local site and had a little glitch and just never got back to using it ever again out of laziness but I will try it again and give it a fair handshake later.

Doing a little web design? Try Kompozer. Have I mentioned the biggest perk? CROSS PLATFORM. You know I love that. Linux, Mac and Windows.

Come out to SCALE Feb. 22-24 and find me giving the SCALE tours (Phillip Banks) or follow me on Twitter and Facebook and I’ll give you a couple other ideas from what you do everyday.

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