A comfort zone is where all the slackers hang out

I was inspired recently by a picture a friend of my posted on Facebook.

lifebegins.jpg It made me think of a lot of things I’ve said that were similar before about your comfort zone. I’m constantly entering into new stages in life and this is going to be the title of my next one. “A comfort zone is where all the slackers hang out.”

I am all about having fun and doing new and exciting things and it just caused me to think about all the people that you and I know that are living in the same world as you with the same amount of time and have far less commitments or obligations. How is it that these people are not living life to the fullest and don’t have better jobs, careers or business’ than you? It’s the fate of those who linger in the comfort zone.

I’m pretty big on watching football and it makes me think of the football players that hang out in the cool zone. The Cool Zone is a big fan with an icy cold mist coming from it that they pull out on the hot days. Football players are wearing so much armor and a helmet that running around and battling your opponent out there on the field gets you really hot. When they come off the field they head to the Cool Zone. Thing is, what is that guy that really hasn’t played in the game doing in there?

People who usually stay in their comfort zone are that guy. He/she hasn’t put in the time, strength or determination towards the goal but he/she wants to relax and not do anything crazy. You don’t yet deserve the Cool Zone scary player. Get back on the field and scare everyone. Even yourself.

Let’s start today doing things that aren’t what you’d usually do, places you wouldn’t usually go , and ballsy things you wouldn’t say (all within reason of course). Without big risks there are no big rewards. The people taking the risks are not doing it in their comfort zone.

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