Too much weight on the destination and not the journey.

There’s a psychology term known as cognitive dissonance. For some reason people seem to equate where they are and where they think they should be and the further they see themselves from it the the more it starts to effect them. This is common human behaviour. I used to do this a lot until a couple years ago when I read a book that corrected my way of thinking (The Pursuit of Perfect). The problem with me was that I was trying to always be perfect with everything I did. I still believe in trying to be one of the best at whatever I do but to a much lesser extent than before I read this.

This perfection also changed the way I looked at reading. Most of my life I read books to get to the end.  I started a book by looking at the page number of the last page and set myself on a course to reach that page. Many TV shows showed cultures that believed that an assimilation of knowledge taken in a huge gulp made you a new and better being. Think: Borg from Star Trek, linking into the Matrix in the Matrix movies, and chopping off the head of a Highlander and you’ll gain all his knowledge in Highlander. This was my goal. The destination being the last page.

Life isn’t about being at the last page. The last page is the day of your death. Have you given any thought to the path to that day?

I rarely fell asleep during our long car trips when I was a kid. Falling asleep till you got to the destination made you miss the most amazing things along the way. Look at those cows and sheep! We never get to see those. Look at those mountains! Amazing what God has made. Look at the sun set on the ocean or a field of waving wheat. Amazing.

You’ll get to where you want in your career, your life, etc. Just stop and look at what you’re doing right now so when you get there you’ll have many great stories to tell about how fun that trip was.

2 Responses to “Too much weight on the destination and not the journey.”

  1. Melie says:

    I kind of disagree. And I also think that perfectionism and not being able to focus on the now, despite very often related, are two different things.

    I always read the last pages of the book I am reading after I cave completed the first couple of chapters. And I always read the recap of the movie I am going to watch. It doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the reading/watching process. On the contrary it allows me to enjoy it more as I know what I am going towards. I feel more calm and safe when I know what is in store. But of course, as you already know by now, I am weird like that…

  2. phillip says:

    Melie you are quite a strange one. I hate to look ahead. Even if I had a time machine that would take me to the end of my life I wouldn’t go. I didn’t want to know what sex any of my children would be either. I NEVER know what I’m going to want to do next and I want life to be the exact same way. I like to feel the whole universe is as crazy as I am.

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