An angry stampede of turtles and Windows 7


I have received quite a few calls, emails and such lately about Windows 7. “Should I buy it now?” is the common jist of the conversation. Being the kind of person that I am, I never like to make uninformed opinions on things. So, of course I have to be one of the early adopters of most new things related to computers or the Internet because sooner or later someone will ask me about it. First, let me give you a little bit of background so you see where I’m coming from.

Computers are to make your life productive, comfortable and easier. Stick with that in mind whenever you’re making a purchase. My job as the tech guy is to tweak your choices to suit your life better. Now, think back. Microsoft gave you Microsoft Office 2007 and what did you get that you already didn’t have in Office 2003? Very little if anything at all. Apple people just saw this with the new version of Mac OSX Snow Leopard. All the fanfare and when I got it on a laptop it hearkened back to the great old Wendy’s commercial slogan from the 80’s. “Where’s the beef?”

Upgrades for the most part now days are like selling new cars. How much different is this car from the other one? Well… other than the different shell. A turtle with a new shell is still a turtle. He’s just shiny now. Software vendors have learned something from auto companies. Toyota wanted to market to a higher class audience so they made up the company Lexus and use the same engines but put on a nicer shell. Honda, Ford and a few others have done the same. Windows Vista got a well deserved bad wrap from consumers so what do they do? Throw a new shell on it and call it a different name.

With all that said, I am liking Windows 7 for the most part only because it’s an upgrade from Vista. Nothing like standing next to the unattractive person to make yourself look just a little bit better. It boots up a little faster but still slower than Mac and Linux. Gaming isn’t fully working but I am still using the pre-release version. I can’t say that I’ve experienced too many problems with networking either but things working faster than Vista is still a major selling point. Now here’s the clincher and listen to me good. If you have Windows XP running I don’t see any reason to change. Windows 7 will actually take away features in XP like remote desktop so they can sell it to you in the higher end version for $100 more.

This is why I relate this new upgrade to an angry stampede of turtles. Usually a stampede would have the ferocity of wild elephants with dust, vicious tusks and chaos. You see it coming in the distance and it’s unavoidable. In this case, the stampede is coming in the distance. Those new shells are menacing. Those turtles look pretty angry. Let’s keep it real though people. Those are still just dressed up turtles. Stand still and let this upgrade stampede pass you by. You won’t even get dust on your shoes.

P.S.: I get all the features of Windows 7 and more with Linux or free software on XP and Yes, I know that it’s a tortoise with legs and a turtle with fins but turtle sounds so much better.

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  1. Leila says:

    Very nicely written Phillip. You brought it back around with the turtles and all.

  2. Nice analogy, and good description but, I’m MAC PHO LIFE!!!

  3. MarkAngelo says:

    Very nice review about the OS called Window 7, that can be considered as an upgrade of windows Vista , all i know about windows 7 is it has great features that is very useful. until now i am using the windows XP home edition i can’t afford to buy windows 7.

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