Vuze crashes

If you are a user of Vuze (formerly Azureus even though it’s been long enough to stop saying that) then you may be encountering the same problem that I’ve been encountering. Vuze (on all platforms) crashes or freezes when you add a torrent.

The fix is as follows. Go to:  Tools -> Options -> Connection

Under Connection uncheck the box that says “Prompt for selection when a tracker with an anonymous¬† tracker is added”.

DONE. That was easy. Vuze has already acknowledged this problem and issued a patch but this will work for now.

2 Responses to “Vuze crashes”

  1. robotnyk says:

    thx for the info, it seems like it solved the problem. i had no idea, why it started to crash in the last few days all of a sudden.

  2. phillip says:

    Glad it helped you. I don’t usually figure out there was a bug till later. I usually assume I must have done something. Glad I trusted my instincts this time.

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