Upgrade Linux KDE or Windows 7? Hmmm.

I’m never a fanboy of any particular thing. I’ve always got to see the good and the bad in whatever I get or use. This might be enhanced even more after reading some great books in the past couple months like “Predictably Irrational” by Dan Areily and “The Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell (not getting anything just personally loved those two books). However, recently I was looking through the CNET site and found this video that I thought was fantastic.

Basically, the CNET columnists were thinking about the fact that Windows 7 looks a lot like KDE 4 on Linux. I’ve got to say, I’m much more impressed with Windows 7 than Vista since I have been playing with the beta lately but as stuck as I was on KDE 3.5 I’ve finally upgraded to it full time and love it now. Think is, I think the Linux desktop is pretty much all there now with KDE 4 which is evidenced by this video. In the video they showed random people KDE 4 and told them it was Windows 7 and asked if they’d upgrade.
My conclusion is: Whatever road you take in life. Please skip Vista.

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