Don’t use the sugar for Cherrios

I was talking with my wife tonight and I was talking about people that are just exceptional. On that immediately came to mind was a player on the TV show “The Apprentice” a couple years ago. His name was Randall. A tall dark skinned black man that was and still is the most magnificent competitor to play the game. He was a good speaker, kind, a gentleman, and amazingly brilliant in all of his choices, decisions, and leadership.

One thing about him though is that in all his education and business success he did not forget where he was from. Humble beginnings in a common middle to low income black home. He didn’t forget because in all the things that he did he still seemed to bring out this style of speech that would remind you of a country farmer reminiscing about a wild day on the farm.

I am also that guy. The problem with that is that sometimes you need to give a little background.

In common black homes you had two things Cherrios and Koolaid. They both required one thing: Sugar. Let me give you a little of this street knowledge. When thinking about storage. I was recently working on a problem with the Postfix mail server that reminded me of a problem I used to have with a server. The other stuff was on the same partition with the email server so if it filled up then the email couldn’t come through. When been start getting messages saying your email address doesn’t work then they will start deleting your name from their email list.

Don’t use the sugar for the Cherrios… Use it for the Koolaid. This relates to my delema because if I used the hard drive for other stuff then when dinner comes I wouldn’t have “Koolaid” as a refreshing cold drink.

When doing network or other resource planning always decide what needs the resources the most and give it a whole lot more than you think it needs. Always better to be too safe than too sorry.

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