What’s the difference?

Well, I should have a couple blog posts backed up into my brain since I’ve taken a couple weeks off for vacation from the internet with my family home for the summer. Thanks for your suport during the brake.

So, here’s my thought of the day. I was watching an episode of the AMC (American Movie Channel) show Mad Men. It’s a story about some 1950’s advertising agency men that they coined the title Mad Men because they were on Madison avenue. Anyway, there was a great thought that made me think. They had the problem of making advertisements for a tobacco company in spite of the fact that recent news reported the deadly nature of cigarettes. The solution the main ad exec came up with was… “It’s toasted.” This came from the fact that an item in the making of a cigarette is toasted. Toasted sounds good in comparison to all the negative things cigarettes have. The gripping idea was that when you have 6 different tobacco companies all selling the same thing with no advantages you can tell people whatever you want to tell them.

Fast forward to present day. This fact still holds true. Dell, Acer, HP, Gateway… They are all the same. The CPU’s are the same, the motherboards are the same for the most part but why is a Dell better than a Gateway. It’s really not. Epson and Canon printers are using the same print engine. Why get an Epson? Why a Canon? Strictly advertising.

Personally I’ve found the E-machines are the only exception to this rule. They obviously just use the cheapest parts that eventually break down very soon after the warranty expires. Other than that everyone really needs to realize that hardware is nothing. Service, price, and support are all that really matters. The rest is advertising. What’s the difference? There is none.

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