Who are you going to believe?

I recently heard this analogy and I was so excited about it because I always want to tell people something like this. On the financial podcast “The Moneyworks” the financial planner that hosts the show did a segment that warned people against following the advice of the guy you know or friend that knows about this stuff. His analogy was: “Who are you going to trust if you want to learn golf. The guy that works at the golf shop or Tiger Woods? Tiger is a professional that does this for a living!”

I get so upset with this sometimes. I remember one time when I went over the house of a friend of the family once. The lady had a computer issue and called me over. Just before I arrived her cousin arrived. The cousin was a know it all lady whose focus today was computers.  My initial thought was to battle for supremacy in computer knowledge with her but I didn’t. I let the person decide. Who are you going to listen to? A person that does this for a living and that people hold accountable for millions of dollars of equipment and revenue or a secretary on the ground flour of Joe Blow’s discount Inc.?  The way I figure it follow their advice now if you want. You will be back to me or (if you can’t swallow your pride) you will wander from random computer person to random computer person and then take on the belief that this stuff is just too hard anyway.

Luckily the lady in the aforementioned store patronized her cousin till she left and then said, “I could tell by your face she was all wrong from the start. Let’s get started.” Wise choice. If you don’t want to get a computer guy like me to solve your problem the next best choice has ended up being the tech people at Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, Circuit City, etc. This is not always a bad choice and I will recommend it sometimes. However, just like with the financial consultant, even if you know someone doing this but they aren’t in your city and can actually do it, pay them a little something for some quick advice over the phone. I can diagnose most things over the phone without even seeing you in person. If you don’t you will go in there like sending my mom to a mechanic. They could tell her anything and get some commissions off the sales.

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