Armed only with words

My wife and I were talking a couple months ago and a theme started to emerge. We were going back and forth with situations that we’ve successfully navigated through just by thinking and talking. It shows how long I’ve been developing this idea because I first started this post three months ago but left it alone. My wife just recently wrote a great post on it called, “The Doctor Who in me.” This really explains what we love so much about the British TV series being shown on Scifi-channel. It is great to have weapons of mass destruction like the military, Kung Fu skills like Bruce Lee, or even gadgets like Batman but knowledge and mastery of speech is an art not to be underestimated.

As a kid I didn’t get into any fights but I was never considered a wimp or a nerd. I had mastered a skill that would prove helpful in many situations. There was a certain deterrence to messing with me because of the way I could make you feel. I was the kid that was very well liked and good at sports but with that comes what we call “haters.” Haters are the people that don’t like you because they are jealous of other people thinking highly of you. I didn’t have the pretty girl but I was a man of many talents. I was the troubadour that sat on a classroom step playing guitar, loved to play basketball or any other sport, was tops in my class in grades, and was quick to say something that would make you laugh. However, there were those times when I had to show someone my other side.

My mom once bought me some Buster Brown shoes that were as ugly as can be. No one had the nerve to talk about them until finally someone decided to make a joke about them. I turned around with the quickness that would give a jet fighter pilot whiplash. Quickly assessing the person talking about me from head to to I unloaded a flurry of insults that came too fast for a reply and drowning out my victims responses with the laughter of the other students who sensed an impending fight. Teachers also had this sense as well though. They sense a fight coming like a shark knowing there’s blood in the water. Upon the teacher’s arrival I calmed her fears and let her know that the two of us were just telling jokes and the crowd wanted to listen. Successfully, I’d gotten my revenge, avoided a fight, demoralized my enemy, saved him and myself from getting in trouble thus making him a friend again, and kept my credibility as a really nice guy. All this from the guy with the ugliest shoes in that hemisphere of the globe.

Why do I bring all this up you may ask? I say this because children aren’t picking the right role models. Artistry with words could always be found in real life characters such as Jesus and Martin Luther King as well as in fictional ones like James Bond, Doctor Who, and James T. Kirk of Star Trek.

You don’t need to be a con artist, pimp, or politician to master the lingual arts and get ahead in life in a respectable way.

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