Follow me! Follow me! I’m naked to the net.

Like the Pied Piper leading the mice from the village so in turn does blogging go. Everyone has the new opportunity to be able to follow the lives of other people. My life has always been an open book to most anyone that I meet, however, now it’s becoming that way to many that I don’t meet. This blog gives away my thoughts on my field to all that ask. Now, it can do the same with Twitter, blogging, microblogging, photosharing sites, and your social networking sites (i.e. Facebook and Myspace). Follow my everyday adventures and interact with me on what you think. I’ve recently forwarded my Twitter account to my instant messager so you I’m going to get more involved with my personal thoughts on Twitter. Follow me there too. Here’s my info:

Twitter: banksps

GTalk IM: banksps

AOL IM banksps1

Facebook: Look for aka my email address.

I love to hear from all my new friend on the internet and hopefully make more.

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