Diverting your attention to really good software

As an avid supporter of open source software I have found myself in a particular pickle. I really want to support open standards for everything I do however, there are a couple areas that open source hasn’t come up with a good replacement for commercial software. For the most part, Microsoft’s software has been the primary target for replacements. Oh, did I say replacements? I guess the politically correct terminology is “Alternatives.”

The human psychology however is something that has to slowly be changed or diverted. The old adage “You get what you pay for” is the prevalent way of thinking that keeps big companies big. As a consultant I have learned this first hand. I’ve offered a similar or better service as a competitor for a cheaper cost and not been taken seriously. The second I charged more I got more business. Open source software shouldn’t need to charge more to offer good value.

I’m not just shouting on my megaphone at you while walking down the street though. I’m putting my headphones on and listening to my own tune. I’m looking at some replacements for commercial software that I use and finding an alternative to pose to myself and my clients.

The one big caveat: Don’t just use a piece of software and give up on it forever if it doesn’t work for you. Open source software is a developing platform by people all over the world. Keep an eye on a genre of your choice that doesn’t fit your needs in the open source world and keep coming back to check on it. It’s changing so fast it could easily surpass your expectations soon.

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