Chicken of the VNC Fullscreen exit

chicken-vnc.jpgI’ve just got to say, I really like the Macitosh Freeware program Chicken of the VNC. I recently had a little screen problem with my Dell laptop so, since I have CVNC on my wife’s laptops (in case they’re the closest computers to me). At my house I’ve got to have some kind of computing device within arms reach except if I’m in the shower (sounds like a hack I’m going to do doesn’t it).

Here’s the catch. Fullscreen mode. I went into fullscreen mode and was stuck! When you go into fullscreen mode there’s no logical way to get out. Just in case this happens to you, I’ve figured it out (and even posted it to a couple other blogs that talk about the problem).

Type in the key combination: [ctrl] + [alt/option] + [Apple] + [shift] + [`]

the twist is that sometimes taking out the [shift] works too so if one doesn’t work try the other.

Works like a charm. I still hate one thing about Macs though. The single button on the mouse. It really annoys me when I’m connecting to EVERY other operating system in the world from a Mac and have to improvise.

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  1. pepito says:

    For me in my macbook pro doesn’t work. Whenever I get into full screen mode connecting to a linux machine, the key combination that you mention does nothing.

  2. phillip says:

    I haven’t used it recently but I did see that key combination < `> should work.

  3. pepito says:

    well I managed how it works. I changed in the properties menu ( cmd+; ) the hotkey for fullscreen to ( cmd+F ), which I already did. But what I didn’t know was that the hotkeys can be specified for several states. This means that when connected in adjusted screen mode the hotkeys are different from when you are in fullscreen mode. So, I set the fullscreen hotkey in both modes, adjusted-screen-mode and in full-screen-mode and now works perfectly.

    Thanks anyway for answering so old post. 😉

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