Old school newspaper for a new media world


I absolutely love this idea and once caught something like it on a episode of the video podcast hak.5 about a year ago or so.

Here’s the cool future of the newspaper. You make your own. How? Well RSS feeds. Imagine taking RSS feeds (like this blog) and we get out a newspaper every morning. It would only have the subjects that we really want because it uses the RSS feeds we like. Thats what this website does.

The website is Feed Journal and it will take all your RSS feeds and make them into a printed newspaper (if you want to waste the paper) or a PDF file so you could read it on your computer. I’m totally torn on this because I love to read on paper more than on a computer but with advances in e-ink like Amazon’s Kindle will start to bridge that gap.

I can’t wait to be holding my one page of plastic that looks like a newspaper that changes pages digitally when I push a membrane button on the page because its all e-ink on a screen. It’ll probably feel like a page of laminated paper the size of a newspaper. For now there Feed Journal on your laptop, PDA, or Kindle/Sony Ebook reader. Come to think of it this might be the only good use for a tablet PC.

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