The year 2057

I was watching a show last night on TLC (I believe) about how life might be in the year 2057. I came in half way into the show so I did miss some interesting thing but I love watching shows like this from TLC with the dramatizations of possible scenarios.

Well, in this one they go over a lot of technologies that will possibly be around in the future and their use in everyday life. I always like pondering what the future will be like. I think I do it mostly so that I can try to do it now with the crude tools of the present day. Athough, I’m not really sure of the feasability of virus’ taking down the whole city and a single old guy that was a former hacker accessing old machines connected to the city’s grid saving us, I’m sure virus’ will continue to trouble us. To what extent I don’t know but I believe that the edges of people’s networks (i.e.: routers, firewalls, and even ISPs) will get a little better at discerning internet noise and it’s creators. However, this also scares me a bit seeing as power like that can also be used for good but for control as well.

A world like the movie Minority Report is coming. An interesting fact is that Britain leads the way in monitoring as they have so many cameras up that the average person can get spotted almost 300 times a day.  That’s a lot. With the advent of facial distinction monitoring and even adding audio recognition no one would be totally off the grid unless they lived out in the rural areas. Even there, Google will show you on a satellite feed on Google maps drinking your latte on the front porch.

All the grim “1984”-ish stuff aside I love the thought of making things easier, smarter, and more intuitive. I’m going to go into more of the future in upcoming posts as it never ceases to fascinate me.

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