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Chicken of the VNC Fullscreen exit

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

chicken-vnc.jpgI’ve just got to say, I really like the Macitosh Freeware program Chicken of the VNC. I recently had a little screen problem with my Dell laptop so, since I have CVNC on my wife’s laptops (in case they’re the closest computers to me). At my house I’ve got to have some kind of computing device within arms reach except if I’m in the shower (sounds like a hack I’m going to do doesn’t it).

Here’s the catch. Fullscreen mode. I went into fullscreen mode and was stuck! When you go into fullscreen mode there’s no logical way to get out. Just in case this happens to you, I’ve figured it out (and even posted it to a couple other blogs that talk about the problem).

Type in the key combination: [ctrl] + [alt/option] + [Apple] + [shift] + [`]

the twist is that sometimes taking out the [shift] works too so if one doesn’t work try the other.

Works like a charm. I still hate one thing about Macs though. The single button on the mouse. It really annoys me when I’m connecting to EVERY other operating system in the world from a Mac and have to improvise.

Sarah Lacy killed by Twitter not by facts

Friday, March 21st, 2008

I’ve read more than enough blog posts about an interview last week of Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) by a lady named Sarah Lacy at the South by SouthWest festival. According to many reports the interview got out of hand and the crowd bordered on rioting. I’ve had time to analyze the video on YouTube and came to a couple of conclusions.

Let’s first understand the new power of the internet. Facebook is garnering cult status in the same way as Myspace did (or arguably still does). Twitter is the new kid on the block but in a different way. (more…)

Am I really that internet uncool?

Thursday, March 20th, 2008

The more podcasts and RSS feeds I listen to or view has made me come to a conclusion.  I’m not internet cool. I have most of the technical ingredients for it. I have instant messengers galore. I have a Twitter account. I have a camera phone.

I guess it’s really that I feel a little left behind listening to Leo Leporte (or any ex-Techtv people) on shows like TWIT. They seem to know so many people by name in the industry that actually talk to them all the time.

I guess I’m not too far off because I have met a lot of the people talking on some shows at conventions or something else but they wouldn’t follow me on Twitter. Although, I have been surprised when people have remembered me.

I’m not mad at them though. Keep doing your thing you Internet Rock Stars! I may not have a couple thousand people following me on Twitter like Robert Scoble or Jason Calakanis. I may not have a name with presence like Leo Leporte but if I can or have offered just one kernel of knowledge in my blog that has made your day… Let me know.  That’s what I’m here for.

Old school newspaper for a new media world

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008


I absolutely love this idea and once caught something like it on a episode of the video podcast hak.5 about a year ago or so.

Here’s the cool future of the newspaper. You make your own. How? Well RSS feeds. Imagine taking RSS feeds (like this blog) and we get out a newspaper every morning. It would only have the subjects that we really want because it uses the RSS feeds we like. Thats what this website does.

The website is Feed Journal and it will take all your RSS feeds and make them into a printed newspaper (if you want to waste the paper) or a PDF file so you could read it on your computer. I’m totally torn on this because I love to read on paper more than on a computer but with advances in e-ink like Amazon’s Kindle will start to bridge that gap.

I can’t wait to be holding my one page of plastic that looks like a newspaper that changes pages digitally when I push a membrane button on the page because its all e-ink on a screen. It’ll probably feel like a page of laminated paper the size of a newspaper. For now there Feed Journal on your laptop, PDA, or Kindle/Sony Ebook reader. Come to think of it this might be the only good use for a tablet PC.

The year 2057

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

I was watching a show last night on TLC (I believe) about how life might be in the year 2057. I came in half way into the show so I did miss some interesting thing but I love watching shows like this from TLC with the dramatizations of possible scenarios.

Well, in this one they go over a lot of technologies that will possibly be around in the future and their use in everyday life. I always like pondering what the future will be like. I think I do it mostly so that I can try to do it now with the crude tools of the present day. Athough, I’m not really sure of the feasability of virus’ taking down the whole city and a single old guy that was a former hacker accessing old machines connected to the city’s grid saving us, I’m sure virus’ will continue to trouble us. To what extent I don’t know but I believe that the edges of people’s networks (i.e.: routers, firewalls, and even ISPs) will get a little better at discerning internet noise and it’s creators. However, this also scares me a bit seeing as power like that can also be used for good but for control as well.

A world like the movie Minority Report is coming. An interesting fact is that Britain leads the way in monitoring as they have so many cameras up that the average person can get spotted almost 300 times a day.  That’s a lot. With the advent of facial distinction monitoring and even adding audio recognition no one would be totally off the grid unless they lived out in the rural areas. Even there, Google will show you on a satellite feed on Google maps drinking your latte on the front porch.

All the grim “1984”-ish stuff aside I love the thought of making things easier, smarter, and more intuitive. I’m going to go into more of the future in upcoming posts as it never ceases to fascinate me.

I’ll be sitting down for a minute

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

I had a freak accident and broke my leg. Guess I’ll be sitting down and doing more typing. Hope you’re out there and in for some very informative stuff.