Linux on the Wii? Now what.

I just read an article on Engadget and it talked about the Nintendo Wii now being able to be hacked and have Linux run on it. This is really really cool to me but there’s one thing that’s even better than the ability to do something. It’s functionality and usability. These are two things that I can say that open source programmers have done a great job at is reverse engineering and making use of what’s available.

The best part about what’s being done is the use of Linux. Linux is available on more hardware than any other operating system by far. In flashing the bios of a couple of Linksys routers I’ve learned that a good bonus about making things Linux aware is connectivity. Networking is almost everything in the home is almost a dream.

Imagine that all your devices, machines, and appliances were using Linux with opensource software on it. Your life could exist around your preferences and could ripple through all of them. For example, your cell phone’s GPS shows you’re heading home. It passes this information to your car which sends it to the next passing wifi point because it only needs 5 seconds of access when passing a building that it knows has wifi. That information goes through the net to your house. The fridge does trend analysis and knows that on Fridays you get a beer so it prepares one for you and starts warming food and turns on your video game machine.

They’re definitely hacks I want to start working on now.

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