Is everyone getting too busy to podcast?

I’ve just become an RSS junkie in one way or another. It used to be strictly podcasts for the most part. Now I’m really getting into so many blog feeds that I sit up all night reading through blogs. My problem is partly my own but where are all the podcasts going? I realized this while going through all of my podcast feeds and noticing which ones I haven’t seen content for in a while.

I know my video podcasting friend Roxanne Darling would definitely get on me for not starting my own podcast by now so I do take some responsibility for the problem because I’m not creating content myself. However, in an article that I wrote a couple months ago about using sexy women for video podcasts it seems that some are gone now. ABC News has let Amanda Congdon go. Natali Del Conti has left the Podshow network. She has release a promo video for a new show she may be doing on CNet now but I haven’t seen anything about it yet but here’s the link. I’ve got to admit though, I’m not sure how much I’ll really follow her though because I was just telling my wife, “She’s a beautiful girl but I don’t know how credible I find her opinions. She’s just somewhat entertaining.” However, maybe some of that was because Adam Curry (the owner of the podshow network) just likes to see pretty women and boobs bouncing. Cnet seems to be more on the serious side and may hopefully show she has depth… If she has any. However, CNET is like the Clippers basketball team. It’s a training camp. People seem to be a lot better after they leave there.

Amber McCarthur of CommandN is still podcasting but has cut back on her episode time to 7 minutes a week and still does her live net@nite podcast with Leo Laporte but had been bailing on that and leaving Leo alone a couple times. I love Leo but it’s kinda boring when he’s alone and interviewing someone. That format of show was for her.

Fairwell to the “In the trenches” podcast. They’d been going for a couple years and once Kevin left the show because he got too busy the show started going down hill till they ended it last month.

Chris DiBona is a guy that’s all over the place doing everything but he also left Leo Laporte on FLOSS weekly and they finally started it back up. A guy named Randall Schwartz is there now but the content is going down hill and will probably soon call it quits too. I don’t think they’re working really hard to get interesting open source projects.

As far as my business and marketing podcasts go, Heidi Miller stopped her podcast “Diary of a shameless self promoter” a couple months ago and then at the end of December threw a quick episode out but I’m deleting her from my list too.

Where is everyone going? Are they proving that podcasting was a fad that is going away? Are they bored with it? I definitely hope not. If you’re starting a new podcast for techy people let me know. I’m actually looking for objective Mac and Windows podcasts that don’t just scream “I’m a fanboy for this company.”

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  1. I realize this is your blog, and you can say what you want, but I’ve not given up on FLOSS Weekly, and I don’t believe it’s “going downhill”. To put together an hour-long podcast when you have two busy guys (Leo and me) trying to schedule guests from interesting and popular open source projects TAKES WORK. You should try it sometime before criticizing us.

    I do believe, having done a bunch of podcasting now, that everyone (including me) that goes into it, or THINKS about going into it, thinks it’s not much work. So they announce a weekly hourlong show with a panel of five. They produce about 10 shows, and then miss a few weeks, and then there’s always the “apology show”, usually saying “we had some other things get in the way” and “we’ll get back on track real soon”. Usually followed by a few more week gap.

    Doesn’t that pattern tell you something about how much MORE work it is than it seems?

    Here’s how you can help FLOSS Weekly: find an interesting open source project, find someone who’s willing to take an hour out of THEIR schedule and can talk well about it, and can work to the schedule that Leo and I have for taping (usually wednesday afternoons, minus the one week a month that Leo is taping his TV show and minus the one or two weeks a month I’m on the road teaching). Then email the contact info to me (, and I’ll put them on.

    Yes, that’s the work. Yes, it takes work. Yes, I have about five people I’m working right now with ideas. But I also have a day job, and the podcast can’t displace that, because I need to put food on the table.

    Sorry for ranting… but you really sound a bit ungrateful for the work we DO do.

  2. rox says:

    I see both sides. Audiences come to expect things (be careful what you promise) AND it takes a lot of work to deliver regular shows.

    The link is to today’s show (filmed yesterday) – as part of the psychic friends network it would appear!

  3. phillip says:

    You are so in my head Rox. I just watched it.

    My oldest son takes after me in this way. We told him that he couldn’t finish this plate of food when he was younger. We went away and came back and he was really sick that night but because he said he could do it, he did.

    My dad once told me to take on the impossible projects. If you fail everyone though you would fail so you don’t lose credibility but if you succeed then you’ll be a hero. I’ve always the software implementations on short urgent timelines for that reason but I never plan on failing.

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