It’s not easy being green

I’m going through a change in my way of thinking. I’m not the guy that you’d usually think of as a tree hugger but I’m really thinking about our environment and “Green” solutions for everything. Well, I’m really interested right now in trying to make what I do more Green. If you’re not familiar with the term, “Green” means environmentally friendly like: biofuels, recycled goods, etc.

kermit6.jpgHowever, like the old Kermit the Frog song “It’s not easy being green,” it’s harder than it seems. So, for this I implore you to help me. As an IT guy I’m trying to come up with ways to help others become more green. The problem with it is is that it seems to always cost more for everything environmentally friendly in the end. I guess the only exclusion I know of is using used vegetable oil for fuel (of which you’d still have to find a place to acquire huge amounts of it).

I’m sure someone will tell me, “Isn’t it worth the extra cost for the environment?” This is true but the same reasoning applies to sodas being sold more than juices. It’s better for you but the cost makes you revert to the cheaper solution in the long term. I want to help change this. I thought about Solar Panels on my roof but the upfront cost scared me away unless I build my next home (which I plan on).

With this in mind. I guess the way to be the most green in computing is in three areas: Power consumption, cooling, and recycling. I’m big on the recycling part of it because I try to teach people how to use machines that are old for new things. However, if someone could give me more ideas I’d highly value those.

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