Upgradeing to Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy

There have been more than enough articles and podcasts done over the new version of Ubuntu.  I upgraded to the new one right away.  I’m a bit of an early adopter in that sense.  I have rarely encountered broken packages and the such.  This time I did do a fresh install on my laptop and just backed up my home folder and dropped it back on the PC.  Everything worked out perfect for me and continues to do so.

Here’s a blog about cool things to do after you upgrade or install Gutsy.  http://www.ovelha.org/pasteler0/2007/11/10/10-things-to-do-just-after-installing-ubuntu-710/

My problems may come in the form of Fedora 8.  That also just came out and I’m trying to install it in a virtual machine right now.  I actually had a little problem with that but I’ll keep you posted.  I have Fedora servers so I don’t want to accidentally do something wrong there so I try the install in a VM first and for some reason it bombed out twice and that’s using a .iso file and not actual media.

I’ll keep you posted.

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