Skype can take my money?

I’ve got to say, I really do love using Skype.  It is Voice over IP made very easy to use.  I’ve even heard about the new Skype phone that’s coming out.  That is very cool although I already have one.  It’s called a PDA with Skype installed on it.  Yes, you can install Skype on mobile devices and take advantage of the built in speaker and microphone using it like a cell phone.

Seeing all this Skypey goodness I decided to pay $30 at the beginning of the year and it gave me unlimited calling for the rest of the year.  I could call from my computer to any phone in the US and some abroad for nothing more than the $30 I paid.

Sounds really good.  However, a small gripe just came to me when I had just not used it in a while.  I got a letter telling me to either use it more or I forfeit my credit.  Who in the world thinks this is actually right?  Of course, it did work because I did end up using my Skype account again but what business is it of theirs?

It’s not really the same thing but can you imagine if clothing companies did this?  Imagine you buy a pair of Levi jeans and if you don’t wear them in a month someone knocks on your door and says, “We’ll be taking those back now because you obviously don’t appreciate them.”   Will satellite TV start cutting off stations because we don’t watch them much?

Oddly, enough, in thinking about this AT&T was doing this with internet access here in California.  They decided to lower everyone’s DSL speeds unless you called in to complain.  If you did they’d act like their fixing something and give it back to you.  Be warned Skype, AT&T did this to me and I called in.  However, they didn’t put my speeds back to where they were.  I’m no longer on DSL now.  I’m on cable internet.

Notice to Skype:  No VOIP is an island.  There are a million companies waiting for you to screw up.

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