Wireless software is Linux’s killer application

I’ve been raising all the security in my house and my clients to the highest security on their wireless that I can.  So, in walking around lately with my laptop running linux I have gotten a little disappointed.

It’s just not easy enough.  It’s very sad to say but it just isn’t ready for the desktop user right now.  I’ve ended up going to the repositories and searching for wireless software but none seem to work well.  They are functional but I really have to do some work to get connected.  When I use Windows or a Mac the wireless security and login is a no brainer.  I’m connected before I even think twice about it.  The Mac isn’t as intuitive when it comes to WPA on your initial usage but it’s easy after that.

I’m using a program in Ubuntu’s repositories called “Wifi-radar” right now and that seems to be the best one for me.   “Wireless assistant” is also good but for some reason it just doesn’t like the fact that I’m changing the settings of a wireless access point that I’d already used before.

In the mean time.  Linux people should become very familiar with the iwlist, iwconfig, dhclient, ifconfig commands and anything about wpasupplicant.  Not fun unless you’re a hacker but even now I sometimes just want to pick up my wife’s laptop just to get a quick connection.  I’ll of course have a script written for this by the time you read this in case it ever happens again but I’m sure that the program I’m using should be the one I stick with.

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