Why doesn’t Revision3 love me?

Living in Los Angeles and working for media companies in the past I’ve found myself meeting many famous people but forJessica Corbin the most part I tend to meet most of the tech people of some renown at conventions in San Francisco or Las Vegas. Let’s set the stage. I’m at the huge CES convention in Las Vegas (by the way, if you’re going in January drop me a line and we might meet up). I’m looking at a product demo and the presenter is giving the usual “Blah blah blah” presentation of generic presenter talk. Then I realize it’s a character from the former TechTV channel and used to help on shows like the Screen Savers. I soon remember that her name is Jessica Corbin.

Well, a couple of minutes pass and I notice the creator of Digg and also, past employee of TechTV, Kevin Rose and his Diggnation co-host Alex Albrecht. Kevin Rose

Well needless to say. I never got a call. The next week Kevin Rose gets $2.8 million in venture capital and Jessica Corbin gets a show on his Revision3 video podcast network. Two weeks ago a new show is started on his network with another former TechTV guy Patrick Norton called Techzilla.

Where’s my show Kevin?!?! It makes it really hard for me to watch Techzilla. I know you’re here in L. A. with me.

Honestly, they both do seem like very nice people. I do question the choices a little bit though. Alex Albrecht is a cool person (I saw him again last week at the Podcast and Portable Media expo) but not really techy enough. Jessica Corbin is nice too but also not techy enough. I guess she’s just there for techy nerds to have a female to look at.

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  1. rox says:

    Sorry to say I think you answered your own question. “I guess she’s just there for techy nerds to have a female to look at.” Our ongoing discussion eh??

    Are you planning to go to NME in Vegas this fall? Drop me an email and we can chat about it.

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