Who’s an amateur now? The lines are blurred.

While I’m out in Ontario California for this convention I’ve been bombarded with food for thought. It all started in a morning session where a group of podcasters were telling their story about how they put together a dialogue of 23 characters for a big podcast event. The question was brought up if the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) would care. Out of the audience a man proclaiming to be a member of SAG (and with my years of working in Hollywood for production companies I can tell by his look that he was indeed an actor) stood up. He stated his belief that podcasting was still small fries and nicely berated those that weren’t legitimate actors like himself with disgust using the “A” word. Amateurs.

I took his stance with some offense not because I like podcasts of this sort but because those that are “Professionals” are getting nervous of this new media and trying to slander it to make themselves feel more secure. Are videos made by the major networks Professional and podcasts not? Is a rock band releasing it music under creative commons “Amateur”? Is audio edited in a post production facility professional while using tools at home “Amateur”?

I’ve heard from professionals in all three of these areas.  The HD quality in some podcasts is actually better than some broadcast material.  Statistics show only about 10% of actors are paid above the poverty line in their field in Hollywood while movies are full of actors that didn’t study theater arts nor studied up on it.

If you consider yourself a professional  stop taking yourself too seriously.  I’m quite aware that there are kids sitting in their basement hacking their way into the pentagon right now while I can get my head around writing a PERL script for a client.  The are the joys of living around the most enabled generation ever.  Everything is more accessable and this makes everything a lot simpler for people who really want it in comparison to the “Professionals”.  New media is coming.  Get on this ride or get run over.

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