Whose going to change the world?

I just watched a video on piracy around the world and it really made me think alot. A video store owner somewhere in eastern Europe was talking about how they don’t care about American laws on our movies, etc. Then a man in Nigeria was saying that the police only bother them if they’re bootlegging movies made in Nigeria and not the ones made here. Even bigger was a man from the movie industry that says that there is no way they expect to stop online piracy like bittorrenting but just scare some people and companies.

This kind of inconsistency in a system just can’t go on forever. What is the new paradigm going to be? Will it be the open source zealots that conquer the prevailing winds and ride them to a unified way of thinking? Is Creative Commons going to overturn the music and movie industry? At first I was wondering was I just using these things because I was just cheap. I soon realized that software prices were becoming outrageous because they knew they had me by the balls. Music cd’s produced less hits but the price was going up and movies quality is being surpassed by home TV’s and we don’t care if we see it with a mass of people while eating overcharged goods.

Put your thinking hats on people. It’s a rough ride ahead before calm waters.

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