for your finances. Hmmm…

Just a quick note. If you haven’t heard about this new software named Mint I’ll give you a brief summary. Mint is supposed to be a Quicken replacement that is a Web 2.0 looking flashy interface. It shows you how much money you can save by downloading all your financial info and doing some financial voodoo that shows you what it saved you. Sounds great huh?

NOT! I’m sure you know how I feel about strictly online services but if you’re thinking about putting all your bank data online you must be out of your mind crazy. I read security statement and even with 128 bit encryption it still makes me very nervous. Granted, your computer is probably less secure than their servers but who are they? Are they a well known bank? A well known brokerage? No. That just screams stay away. Let other people that don’t read my blog be the crash test dummies.

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