Why are all those icons on your desktop

hobo.jpgPicture a simpler time. Let’s go back before my life and most of my readers to the 1950’s and 60’s.bumcart.jpg The classic hobo carried a knapsack on the end of a stick that had everything he needed. He traveled in boxcars and was resourceful enough to make a way out of his surroundings. Fast forward to present day. Even our less fortunate members of society have shopping carts. They have to have tons of useless items with them just to make them feel good.

How do I get back to what’s new and exciting for you?

A new concept. Lean in and listen really close.

Are you close enough to hear yet?

YOU’VE GOT TOO MUCH CRAP ON YOUR PC! Yes, I’m probably talking to you. It’s epidemic. Microsoft has even tried to help you by making Windows XP and Vista have a feature that warns you about icons on your desktop that have not been used in a very long time. Microsoft isn’t innocent though. When many people buy computers they have extra Microsoft MSN icons on the desktop and on the start menu. Messenger wants to force itself on your status bar. The rest though is all your fault. Oh, I’m not totally innocent here. I used to pass the buck saying that it’s Firefox’s fault. On my Linux, Mac, or Windows PC’s Firefox defaults to saving to the desktop. Easily changeable but I never get around to it.

My wife and I are big are purging things. I had my kids in the garage with me this weekend and they left with the trash can, recycle bin, and a little of the grass shavings can filled due to some plant and grass growing up against the outer wall. That’s a great feeling for me. I love a good purging.

This post is easy and quick. Look through you computer and clean out all the useless stuff. The internet is so big that if you do delete something you want you can get it back when you need it and it’ll even be a newer version. Get rid of favorites, desktop icons, My Document’s files, contacts you know you’ve given up on, and installed programs that you never use.

You’ll be amazed at how much that clears your mind.

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