New technology and football cheating

I’m sure many sports lovers have heard by now the controversy about the New England Patriots and video taping their opponents play calling. The only thing I’ve been wondering for a very long time why it hadn’t happened before? I hate cheating in any game but the fact that there are audio telescopes that let the media hear every word said on the field and more than a dozen video cameras why haven’t they done it years ago. In order of fact many players say that they’d been doing it for years. This really sucks for the league and the championships they won.

So, in a huge leap of insane inappropriateness I’m going to help out Major League Baseball teams that want to cheat. I’ll explain why later. First, have cameras in the audience aimed at the catcher’s hands from the back of the stadium. Catalog on a database the video of the catchers hand signals and the pitches thrown. You’ll know what pitch is coming up by having one person in relay the pitch to the batter vocally.

Why would give them this? Stop being so stupid major league sports teams! I’ve been looking at it for years as I’m sure the coach of the Patriots has. I’m hoping this will actually make you stop doing this silly practice.

If you do lose in the future you can only blame yourself. You should have been reading my blog.

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