Family VPN

If you’ve been reading about my “Linux for your Grandmother” post and “Macbook in my house…” you’ll know that my family is getting more and more wireless. Well, my brother just called me and told me he got two new laptops. He wants me to set up his wifi router for him and his family to be secure. This came right on time because of the new project I’ve given myself. A family wide VPN.

Just think about it. Within 10 minutes of my house in multiple directions are both of my brothers’ houses, my sister, and my mom’s house. Each house with different resources like printers, faxes, photo directories, etc. Imagine if you created a VPN between all these houses. You could share your resources plus have secure wifi in different areas in case you had to stop and get something that you know you scanned or typed on your server at home.

I’m sure this will make for more laptops at the table at Thanksgiving but I’m sure it’ll make it easier to email “Pass the turkey” instead of yelling it across the table.

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  1. Leila says:

    Very nice! I can’t wait for this to come together.

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