An macbook in the house and an iCar in the driveway

You might know by now that I just love technology and it doesn’t scare me. So I’m not a Mac, Windows, or Linux basher. Choice is good and I love them all in their own special way. Granted, I mainly use Linux and Windows multibooting on all my machines but there is a great amount of mac love. Ok, you got me, I did once say that mac owners usually do have a certain “I’m so deep, artistic, and not really a manly man” look but I’m cool with that. I’m a live and let live kind of guy.


Well, a week ago a new member joined my family. A beautiful little white macbook. My wife (check out her blog) went back to school for her masters and the program that she’s in gave them macbooks. Before you ask, YES, the tuition is that much where she really paid for it but that’s another story. Anyway, it’s like a new baby in our house that we’re adopting. I already have a G3 in the house but I see a lot of projects that I want to try with it. I’ll definitely keep you posted.

The one thing that I just heard in the rumor mill though is that Apple is working with Volkswagon to make a imac version of the new VW Bug. I can’t tell you how great that idea actually is. Volkswagon owners are usually the type I’d guess would have a mac. All the same stereotypes apply. My nephew is the only college football playing VW Bug owner I know of ( and that’s because his mother bought it) but I’m in California and the rules may be different elsewhere. VW owners rejoice. You iMac and your car will now be in sync.

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