Sex and tech: Nerds aren’t so nerdy anymore.

It’s a typical day in California. A little hotter than usual for a summer day but nothing else is different. I’m driving home from a client and I’m just taking in the views of life while I listen to podcasts on my radio. I love to people watch as I’m driving but today I’ve just got one pervading thought. Why do women and men moving mountains for a complete stranger with big boobs, cute face, or a great body? Sex doesn’t just sell products. It sells careers… or does it?

I see more business women showing cleavage than ever. It seemed that only ten years ago you could be shunned for being too sexy at work. Now you’re seeing half the HR department in tight pants and short skirts. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against it. The way I figure it, “Use whatever ammo you’ve got.” It seems that in at least one task a season on the American and the British versions of the Apprentice (I’m a big fan because of the business+reality show idea) a mostly female team will always think they’re sexy enough to use their sex appeal to sell. The funny part is… time and time again it hasn’t won them the task even though you’d think it would.

Video podcasts for tech have also taken this route by focusing on hiring women with nice boobs to tell you the technology news. For example: Natali del Conti of Textra, Amanda Congdon, Laura Petrelli a.k.a. Cali Lewis, Amber Macarthur, and Morgan Webb (pictures in order).

natalidelconte.jpg amanda-congdon.jpggeekbrief.jpgamber.jpgmorganwebb.jpg

Bad policy? Not in my book. Well, except for one thing. Other than Amber Macarthur I have taken a male pole and nobody takes the other women seriously. Yes, we do like to look at their faces and bodies because like it or not men’s eyes are drawn to it. However, how far does this actually get you in business before you have to be able to seriously back up the looks with the skills. Morgan Webb is finding this out and reinventing herself now.

My take, you may ask? Appearance should mean a lot for women as well as men. It shouldn’t be your total focus but your first 8 seconds make up an impression that it takes hours, weeks, or months to overcome. Strength of character, know how, and a can do spirit should soon follow your initial impression or be a part of it. Believe that’s impossible? In the midst of writing this I realized I had a great example in one of my favorite video podcasts. I’ve also met this lady and she is truly a great spirit. Her show is “Beach Walks with Rox” with Roxanne Darling (winner of 3 Vlogger awards). She talks about business, life, and all things in between while walking the beach and usually in a bikini or sarong because she lives in Hawaii. Listen to me talk to her about it here on her video podcast.


Like I’ve said before in an earlier post about my daughter (Role models needed), we’ll definitely make sure she’s well kept but my 5 year old is already a computer junkie. However, with my wife being a teacher and being a knowledge junkie myself, she’s getting lots of learning early. However, I have to admit that I still watch most of the women above for my tech content because they’re all that’s there for video content. I play all my video podcasts on my TV and my oldest son actually stopped to watch with me because Natali del Conti was “the Jessica Alba of tech stuff.” Which you should infer is a very good thing. Maybe all of them or the companies behind the sponsored ones know more than I do though because the fact that all the women mentioned in this article are very easy on the eyes can’t hurt viewership. Maybe my children’s generation will start saying, “She’s got a face for audio podcasting” to reference the unattractive women.

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  1. rox says:

    Philip – Great topic!

    Yes, your observations hold very true and it is hard to resist the big boobs as it is the shiny things.

    But I think it is very telling that this “boobs before brains” approach doesn’t build a lot of cred. That gives a woman choice – how far does she want to go in her career? I think if women continue to put their boobs before their brains they have weakened their chances to break through the glass ceiling.

    That doesn’t mean I am a prude – as you know I sometimes wear a bikini on Beach Walks! But it is in the energy, the body language, and the location-approrpriateness that we have the power to be who we are without joining the genre of the stereotypical sex pot to use an out-dated term. 🙂

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