Emotionally drained tech guy

It’s good to be me but sometimes it’s just really really hard. I love what I do. I do consulting work for companies. I usually go in, make everything work well, and leave. The problem with this is going through recruiters. Don’t get me wrong, I like the recruiters I work with or I just don’t work with them anymore. However, they get you interviews and you have to end up selling yourself to people over and over again. That really sucks.

I’ve never been one to really focus on myself so it’s hard to make people believe they should go with you on this project. I do understand their side though. If you just went by resumes, some people would be ruler of the world for a day. However, I’m the kind of guy that just likes to get things done. That I do well no matter what you put in front of me.

With a son in college, a wife getting her masters, and three other kids that need food in their mouths it’s easy. You do what you have to do.

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