Are you a top-down or bottom-up thinker?

I had the recent privilege of visiting a company I used to work for years ago. Everything had changed there since I left. When I worked there I took an IT department barely did anything with a juggernaut of a server (for it’s time) to a bustling internet revenue machine. My way of thinking was that the best way to make money is to spend it but spend it very wisely. Our most cost effective server was a server I built with spare parts that ended up being the center of our internet revenue. The only cost being a huge hard drive (which was cheap).

You see, I don’t buy into hype or propaganda. I want to know what the difference is in the high end model as compared to the low end model and I want the difference to make one a clear pricepoint comparison winner. If not, the cheaper one is the one I’ll get.

This is the story with Dell computers if you ever buy one. Today I was helping a lady buy a laptop online for her daughter going off to college. The lady wanted to pay as little as possible to get what she needed and she knew I could get it for her. For comparison she had the specs of a laptop her friend just bought and an IT guy at her company worked up. I really didn’t need these but my ego was then curious to see if I could beat the specs for less with all of us ordering off of the same Dell website. Needless to say I was $300 less that one and $800 less than the IT guy’s specs. All this and still blowing away the minimum and recommended specs from the girl’s college.

How you may ask? Bottom-up thinking. You see, I never start with the best thing there is and slowly tear off things till I’m satisfied. I start from the bottom and build up. I’ve learned from cracking open the cases of quit a few computers. The motherboard is the same. Just the parts are different. With this in mind you can start with a slow computer. Add memory, etc. and you will have a great computer… for less.

Save your extra money and buy yourself something nice.

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