Do we need more features or more productivity

Lets face it people. Software does everything under the sun. It does even more with a little bit of tweaking knowledge. Let’s just look at the example of Microsoft Excel or’s Calc. What else can you really do with a spreadsheet? At the same time the problem is if they don’t come up with something crazy to say is a new feature then you’ll feel they’re falling behind.  In a previous post (Visionary vs. Reationary) I said that Lotus 1-2-3 fell behind and eventually got forced out of the market.  What happened is that while they realized that they did all that needed to be done at the time for spreadsheets they sat on their hands not thinking about one small thing.  A pretty look in windows.  Microsoft didn’t miss this and stole their market and did the same to dBase.

My thinking here is that people are not really looking into the program they’re using to figure out how to be more productive.  I know. I know.  Here I am again always forcing you to do more work.  Your life is probably busy enough.  However, for the most part software has gotten like computer monitors.  The technology has pretty much come to a standstill but for a good reason.  It’s already good enough.  Now, I’m not talking about applications for multimedia or graphics because that’s always changing and growing but Microsoft Word?  DONE!  Word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, and almost email (Outlook and MS Access are still the killer business apps that I can’t totally leave Microsoft for or I’d be 100% Linux).

It seems one group of people realize this.  Google.  They bought the company Writely a while back so that they could use they’re online word processor.  They’re putting a whole suite of applications online and don’t worry about training because if you use any one at home you can figure out theirs.  They’re all really the same.

My conclusion is simple.  The ball is in your court.  Microsoft Office 97 did everything you need to do things today the same way.  Openoffice is free and so is Google‘s office suite and they do everything you need.  The Mac desktop and the Linux Desktop do everything you need just because all the main programs are the same for the majority of users.  It’s not your computer’s limitations anymore.  It’s YOU.  Doing just enough won’t do anymore.

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