Help fight spam with Project Honeypot

In a random web search I came across this website and found myself blessed in finding it. It’s called Project Honeypot it’s a simple idea that could really help. It’s an attempt to stop spammers by giving them what’s called “honey pots.” Basically, what a honey pot is is a way to weed out hackers by giving them a server that looks good for the taking once they get in but they don’t realize that it’s there on purpose to stall them and gather information about them while they’re looking for bad things to do.

Spammers go about collecting addresses off web pages for the most part. Say for instance your company has a website and they mention you and your email address. Spammers have “bots” that just search the web looking for email addresses to grab and then they send out emails. This project makes honey pots of websites with email addresses. The second a spammer sends an email to that address it updates a list that reports him as a spammer.

It still has a couple rough edges but you might want to give this a try.

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