Visionary vs. Reactionary

The world is a very predictable place in a lot of ways. I have yet to document my methodology for picking winners but I have to learn to truly take advantage of this ability. As a person who is big on the stock market but only puts money on stock with a widget that I use like a fantasy league (and yes I’m winning a lot with my starting line up) you can tell how much I really jump out on a limb for new ideas in areas outside my expertise.

Thus my commentary today was a throw back to a conversation I had earlier with a friend of mine that I just figured out was a tech guy of the Cisco router persuasion. My cousin in tech enlightened me on the fact that he is big into Voice over IP and it took me back for a second. I knew that would be a big winner. I remember at the time telling a friend of mine that was a telecommunications guy, “I don’t think people are really going to want to pay $50,000 for a phone system just to get 20 phone lines in the near future. You should really get your Cisco or Nortel certifications in this area and stay ahead of the curve.” Of course I laughed talking to my new cousin in tech about where that person is now relating his staunch rebuttal of “This will NEVER dry up” as the calling card of the VHS over DVD guys.

Being visionary doesn’t require you to be psychic or learn to read tarot cards. It only requires that you look at how people operate and ask yourself will this new thing really benefit people in a realistic way? You may not call them all because I didn’t call blogging however, I did believe in RSS, the technology behind it, because of it’s utility and simplicity. Definitely feel free to quote me on: Linux, Open Source software, virtualization, and the demise of any company just working on audio production for movies. Had to add that audio one because I worked for a company like that and I was laughed at in a meeting for suggesting adding video but now the whole market is dying to the Audio/Video companies.

Direct your life to be ahead of the curve and not to be too late to the train. 13 years ago a guy told me that he could use a computer with Linux on it to do what we were thinking of spending thousands of dollars for to bridge two networks I was hooked. It’s paid off well.

Look at what you do today and look for those things that are just gaining momentum now because way down the road the car you’re driving in may be sputtering and that car will hover right by you. That’s when you’re reactionary on the road of life. Trying to adapt because you didn’t try to hedge your bets a couple miles back.

P.S.: Thank you Apache for your success, Java for not living up to realistic needs, and Netware, Lotus 1-2-3, and dBase for making look brilliant in predicting your demise due to arrogance. You’ve made me look psychic.

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