Is that how you type without makeup?

There are few things in life that I really believe have changed life in a very good way.  Today I pay and ode to that word processing and blog function that’s accolades have long been overdue.  Let me speak of this function that has made society a much better place to live and read. In the future they will refer to this thing as the grandfather of the universal translator.  Of course what I’m talking about is “Spell Check” and it’s cousins Grammar checker, Thesaurus, etc.

As I often notice the rare few people in the world that ignore the little red line under their text. That red line that says, “Fourth grade teacher I didn’t need you for English just like I thought.”  Why do we so often forget this savior of our language and so many others?  Does his cousin not give you the green underline to warn you that your sentence may not look as beautiful as you think?

I have had the unique pleasure lately of looking at the writing of a “techie” (oh I know I get the red line for that word but spell check isn’t ALL knowing) guy stuck without spell check. Yikes!  Some computer people have never really excelled in the soft skill known as writing.  Those that have have gone into areas of technology known as documentation so others can understand how something works.

Believe in the red line!  It is your friend.  If it doesn’t work in one place please know your limitations.  If English isn’t your strong suit (oddly enough I am actually pretty good at spelling since that spelling bee championship in 6th grade but I’m not bragging) don’t force the issue.  Let it do what it’s here for.  To help you.  This technology has not gotten it’s due and so I raise a glass for it today.  “Here’s to you Spell Check.  You have made this world a much better place.”

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