Live Free Die Hard: Don’t fear world it’s just a movie

Your ever perservering tech guy had his arm twisted yesterday to go and see a movie. A family member of mine is still enamored by the “Die Hard” movies. I must admit that I did enjoy them in the past but thought the series should end with the last installment. However, I was offered a free ticket so I chose to go and keep an open mind. You probably will never read another movie review from me but I felt that there were so many misconceptions being portrayed about hacking it just got corny. I don’t want to give away the movie to those who haven’t watched it so if it may bother you. Stop reading now.

Before I give my review, though. Let me tell all the things to not believe at the movies:

1) Hackers can’t hack into every electronic device there is.
2) Every hacker doesn’t know how to use all the controls of every system.
3) Information is guarded more than gold is. Physical security is more than a couple rent-a-cops.
4) If I see one more hardened security place broken into by guys throwing on a fireman/hazmat suit!!!
5) High security machines don’t just have USB ports on the front so you can plug in your laptop
6) Hacking takes time (for the most part… well, unless it’s wireless WEP encryption and a couple other things)
7) If any high security system or hacker just gets a specialized virus uploaded remotely into their system…
8) To even suggest carrying off all the nations data on a portable hard drive.  They make 500 TB for USB now?

Basically, I liked the movie in spite of itself. However I can’t give it a really good “must see” rating because I felt a lot of been there, done that. The action scenes were really cool but most were just a little too over the top and stopped being believable.

By the way, I’ve done a bit of good (White hat) hacking in my time. I’m not saying that no one breaks the security rules I just spoke of because I know that they do. However, government agencies like the Federal Reserve and banks committing them is just beyond crazy.

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