I’m glad I’m the boring IT guy

I spent a little quality time with my kids today and I caught an episode of Futurama. The robot character (Bender) floats off into deep space and encounters a cluster of stars that talk and light up while talking. He believes them to be God or a digital version thereof. The key moment that made me think in this episode is a saying I’d known a variant of for a long time.

“When you do things right it can almost seem like you’re not doing anything at all.”

As far as life goes many people would never say I’m boring but I do want to be the “boring” IT guy because nothing big should ever seem like it’s happening. I pride myself on that very premise.  Everything just looks easy and just works.  It has caused way too many problems for me in the past as people don’t know that you’re doing so much work to make everything just work.

Many may not understand what you do.  Many may not think you’re doing anything but rest easy and enjoy your family and friends on the weekend because you’re doing things right.  That’s why I love all the inspiration from the people out there that are reading and supporting my blog.  We’re learning new things and becoming better people and IT people at the same time.

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